Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011 - New Years 2012

Around this time of year I like to include as many buzzwords as possible to increase our entice people to read the blog under false pretences......for example somebody googles Christmas (buzzword number 1) and lo and behold our blog might turn up on the 16th page of the google search.

This person thinking that they are going to read about Christmas gets drawn in and instead gets to read about Daly (and indeed her own blog about Christmas and the cruel disregard of the Christmas one-eyed angel....I mean have parents not seen Toy Story?!THEY COME TO LIFE PEOPLE!)

Once folks have been enraptured by tales of Daly they are further thrown into a bottomless pit of literary genius as composed by myself and my compadre reflections. (Watch the bookshelves in 2012 for our long awaited erotic novella).

Christmas this year in the musings household was relatively peaceful. There was the obligatory show down with the mother three days before Christmas but the day itself was filled with a beautiful alcohol induced sense of well being. Also things were made easier this year by not being housebound by snow and escaping at every available opportunity.

What I was most thankful for was the fact that I have a tv in my room at the homestead. I'm all about the family time but I draw the line at having to watch fair city or another episode of only fools and horses that we have ALREADY WATCHED 20 TIMES.........!I managed to get in my quota of Christmas films like all four Indiana Jones, all three Back to the Futures, about four Harry Potters, two Bourne films and the same scene in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe three times (the one where they meet Liam Neeson).

New years eve (buzzword number 2) was uneventful. Unlike last years with the whole almost dying in a house fire. Not sure which was worst, the almost dying of smoke inhalation(which in fairness I slept through) or almost dying of boredom at the yawnest party ever (which I actually had to endure).

And so that brings us to 2012 (buzzword 3). I figure there is no point in making resolutions (buzzword 4). Though I do want to get back on track with my five holidays a year plan. (Also am watching the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for the third time, Edward was like c'mon horsey and the horse was like my name is that part.oooooh, Liam Neeson is about to face off against the White Witch. OMG there should be a Face Off II where Liam Neeson and the White Witch swap faces.....that would be amazeballs.....going to turn over now though caus I don't like the bit where they kill the fake Liam Neeson).

So, the new year (buzzword 5). Have to say 2011 was pretty generous to me, cept for that time in August when I almost had a meltdown caus I hadn't taken a week off work in 9mths. This is why the five holidays a year programme needs to get back on track this year!

What will the year bring?hopefully lots of health, hope, love, happiness, wealth and five holidays a year. I don't think it's too much to ask 2012.

And one last buzzword for our favourite readers...... Vodka. Which I also hope 2012 is full of!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Everything a Lady like Moi could ever want!

I found this. What a wonderful list. See this allows me to know what I can drink without putting on too much weight. Handy non?
Also handy is that iceland is having a 3 for 2 on Blossom Hill. It's been a while since I've had the ole Blossom HIll but I'm fond of the old tyke.

OK I'm too tired to post.


I'm off to iceland.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Revisiting Piles

So, as most of our readers (you know who you are Russia) know by now, our blog was originally created as a running commentary on Daly's blog. In her recent venture, Daly revisits her piles.....................................................................of books.

Good job Daly.

 I got thinking about what else to write this months blog on, once I had gotten the dig to Daly out of the way. And I thought about how Daly had vowed not to buy any more books at the start of the year (she failed).

Which led me to think about things that I have achieved not just this year, but in the past.

 I saw recently how somebody had ticked one thing of her bucket list - naked bungee-jumping. Safe to say that this will never be on my own list of things to achieve in life.

 I dont have a bucket list so to speak because I dont want to make that kind of a list. So instead, how about I make it a mixture of stuff I want to do and already have done?!

 Here it is, the fuckit list, in no particular order:
1 - Get a degree (done - twice actually)
2 - Get a Masters (done)
3 - Get a PHD (to be completed.....and ummm started)
4 - Pass the FE1s (15 years later)
5 - Get an apprenticeship (done)
6 - Visit New York City (done - and hoping to revisit)
7 - Go on the Oprah show (Which sadly I will never technically be able to do, unless she has her own show on her own network...surely a possibility?)
8 - Go on a show on the Oprah network (see 7)
9 - write an erotic novel (so many ideas, but so much procrastination)
10 - Do the stupid outstretched arm tourist thing at Christ the Redeemer Statute, Rio de Janeiro (and so begins my small mention of things I have done while on holidays......nonetheless cool!)
11 - See the top five waterfalls on Earth (I actually have seen one of the top waterfalls, Foz de Iguassu, Brazil. I feel Niagara Falls may be the next one realistically me being able to see....I dont think the Torc waterfall in Killarney counts?)
12 - Visit the Amazon (I touched a turtle!)
13 - Smoke a Cuban Cigar in Cuba (Think I still have one in a drawer somewhere that we smuggled back in a..."sock", ya "sock")
14 - Visit Halong Bay in Vietnam (we thought we were going to be was typhoon season/there was some wind.)
15 - Go tubing in Laos (No, I dont need a life jacket thanks, no I cant swim, I'll be grand.........)
16 - Learn how to swim (it's my new years resolution......)
17 - Travel on a sleeper train from Laos to Thailand (It was not exotic or romantic)
18 - See an Elephant in the wild (the mystic was kinda taken away when I realised he was being used for manual labour....maybe it was okay though, you know, if he had like an 8 hour day, decent lunch break, 21 days holidays and a pension plan?)
19 - Stay out all night at a full moon party (It's hard to party when you have pink eye)
20 - Become an extra for a day on the Home & Away set. (It's going to happen)
21 - Read Ulysses (IT HAPPENED YOU HATERS)

 Right, due to my lack of concentration, I am now done with this and have to take a nap.

 To be continued........

Friday, October 28, 2011

Procrastination Personified.....

So 2011 has had it's ups and downs for us ladies.
Things are going well for the most part at the moment but I wonder, when things are going well do I subconsciously jeopardise things to make sure that my standing in the universe is more balanced?
Or is it just because I actually am the world's biggest procrastinator?
For instance,I had to endure a needless and expensive return train journey up to the city to do a college thing that I had been putting off for the week,thought I could do at home,discovered I couldn't,hence had to get the train back up,do the stupid thing for 5mins,turn around and get the train back down.
Coupled with the fact that I had forgotten to bring my student card,had gotten a student ticket and the one frigging time there were ticket inspectors on the frigging train,henceforth I ended up getting a frigging fine!!!!!!!

Okay,it's not the end of the world.And apparently if I ring up the nice people at CIE they can trace my student card and should be able to cancel my fine.

But still,why do I have to make my life more complicated than it already is?why do I have to make things harder for myself?!!My name is Musings and I am a procrastinator........
Maybe there is like a 12 step programme like in AA to recover from the addiction that is procrastination?

Step 1. Admitting that I have a problem. (Check.I totally admit to procratinating)
Step 2. Recognising a higher power. (No problem. I already recognise alcohol as having a higher power)
Step 3. Examining past mistakes. (eh,would I call them mistakes per se?)
Step 4. Getting a sponsor. (what's the likelihood of me getting sponsored by Smirnoff?)
Step 5. Making amends for these errors. (Have I not been punished enough by having to get the frigging train?)
Step 6. God, 12 steps is alot right?Maybe I'll just come back to this later.....there's like a film on and.....where was I?
oh ya,steps.mmmm,i'd really like a vodka right now,or maybe some wine.....
wow,this film is crap......but OMG it's called 12 rounds!co-incidence right?!This film, "12 rounds" is like my 12 step programme, "the five step programme".

hmmm,i know I have some alcohol around here somewhere.....

So,to conclude,love yourself.....procrastination and all.
I dont think I should be so tough on myself, I mean if I wasnt me, and I didnt procrastinate,who would I be?
Daly, that's who.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Taking a turn

So the great thing about having a blog that no one reads, is that I can at least vent to the world without having to worry. Mum had a stroke. It's so fucked up and I'm trying to get my head around it. they're in Australia. I know she's fine and it's all going to be grand. Insurance seems to be sorted. At least it's a country with good health care. At least it's a country with family. Dad and Emer are in a house rather than in some hotel. I'm trying to focus on the positives but it's soooo fucked up. I keep thinking about both my grannies. Granny Meade being in a bed unable to talk or move one side of her body for 9 years. And Granny Gavin, having physical and mental dementia where she'd think she was drinking tea or smoking, unaware that she wasn't. I know that it's fine. That Mum hasn't got any side effects and that they're keeping her in to find out what caused it. I'm presuming that means that they'll be able to figure out how to make sure it doesn't happen again. But it's shit. It's so shit and really scary. And I think that the more time I have to think about it, the worse it becomes.

I guess it's all just getting older. For me and for everyone in the Meade household. Neverland has never looked better.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Amazing Drink Machine

This is epic:

Also Musings and I need one. Now I know it shows you how to make this, but I think this person is a genius and I do not have the technical know how to make this. There is an even greater problem. You need 26 flavours. At first this seemed like the greatest thing in the world but then you realise you could end up with some really awful combinations.

As per the pretty letters on the side, that's really impressive but I'm in it for the drinks.

I also think this would make blog and book writing easier and more fun!

Now I have been thinking about 26 flavours that can go into any cocktail, in any combination and still work. This is what I have:

orange juice
cranberry juice
pineapple juice
apple juice
passionfruit juice
pomegranite juice
lemon tequila
raspberry vodka
seville orange gin
Dash of lime
White lemonade

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Very London Day

Today has been a very London day. This may sound weird but it is everything that a London day should be (so far, it's only 16.30). I started the day by getting on the tube, and zipping off to the gallery to collect some work. Work I'll do at some point over the weekend. You know, no matter how sunny it is, you still have to do work.This is in Mayfair, which is posh and pretty. And then I met up with Nikki at Oxford Circus. She's just moved over. So it' was great chatting with a friend in a nice cafe, escaping the heat. Can't handle the sunshine. I then jetted over (by tube again) to the Water Poet so that we could do a tiny tech and make sure we're ready for the show on Wednesday. Getting into Liverpool Street Station the doors were blocked and there were Cops/Guards/Pigs/Muccanna/Police EVERYWHERE. So I walked all over the shop just to get to the Water Poet. There was tear gas and rioting, something to do with the BNPs I heard (essentially skin heads that are under a political banner). So I got to the Water Poet, got more work done and then Hen and I decided we should put up posters around Brick Lane. Brick Lane is is artsy bo-ho London. Filled with vintage stores, tattoo parlours and street stalls. We got Pina Coladas that were out of this world, made from scratch and turned out to be virgin, it may have been the nicest pina colada I've ever had but it was missing a vital ingredient... Anyway Hen and I wandered around this street, every now and again putting up a poster for "Play @ the Water Poet". Now we're at a Cafe, around some hipsters, currently sitting with a lit up globe on my right, Hen on my left (as in Henry not chicken) and a lamp made out of paper cups offering the lighting. I guess later I'll put up more posters and then try and think of other London things to do. I've been to the theatre twice this week, so I mean I don't feel an obligation to see a show. Maybe watch a film at home and try Stella Artois Cidre, I've a bottle in my fridge, awaiting the moment I need it the most.
Ok fine I've had wine so I haven't needed the cidre (it's not cider it's cidre, apparently). Well tonights the night, unless of course I have a trip home via the offy.

What else is a London thing to do? Let me know. I have days to fill here!